Too many mental tabs open today.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking a break

But not for long, just tonight. I started writing about the carnival at K's school today and it made me tired. That was probably a result of the three mojitos and fifty grilled cheese sandwiches I had last night, or it could be the cake I started to bake at 10:30PM for the carnival. We spent the batter, uh sorry better, part of the morning decorating the cake which was based on The Wizard of Oz. Then we spent all day at the carnival. D had to work after that so K and I decided the only rational thing to do after all that baking was more baking. She was upset that there was no payoff for all our cake making. So back to the kitchen we went and made a dozen perfect vanilla cupcakes covered in strawberry icing. It was actually a wonderful way to end the busy carb filled weekend we had.

So I sit here suffering from exhaustion, carb-loading and some pretty bad allergies trying to explain why I can't write tonight. I feel bad for this and have the need to explain in detail why I won't have a blog post for today. So instead of a lengthy explanation that would most likely be longer than the post I am too tired to write I will simply say goodnight.

I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. It's okay M, we all should have those days of "rest". Sometimes we are forced to. I hope you got plenty of rest! I'm just glad to read your entry after not being able to over the weekend. It's always the highlight of my Mondays! Much Love!

    p.s. Your blog comment on my recent entry made me tear up!!!! haha! I'm so emo today.

  2. Even writing about being too tired to write, you're still an interesting and precise writer. Nice job!