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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tomorrow is another day

We all have a little Scarlett O'Hara in us, I just seem to have slightly more than a little in me. I'm not talking about the wearing of curtains to get my man part, although I have been known to dress a certain way for a boy. I mean it in the "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow" way. I suppose also in the "If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again" way, but that's a rant for another day, I'll write about that tomorrow.

I have a nasty habit of putting things off, not the urgent stuff, I'm pretty diligent about that, but the things I really don't feel like doing. Phone calls, doctor appointments, filing, closet organizing and other various lame tasks. Sometimes I put some things off for days, some things may take me weeks to finish and then there are those projects that I really do not want to deal with, those can take years. Think I'm kidding? Look in my hallway closet, inside it you will find bins full of K's old clothing. When she started preschool I finally had a few hours to go through her closet, for days I cleaned, organized and donated. I gave away giant garbage bags full of cute little baby and toddler clothing and kept the things that were truly sentimental. Left over were piles of extremely high-end outfits, things that retailed for $200 but were purchased for about $20, my bargain seeking thrills paid off in spades for my little girl. I figured that I could somehow recoup some of the money I had spent and use it for future outfits, it was a brilliant idea. Surely there were people out there on Ebay willing to buy hardly worn designer clothes, I did a little research on what some of these items might sell for and I was astounded at the results. A pair of very worn Lelli Kelly boots was selling on Ebay for over $30, and they were really worn! I had a pair in mint condition that retailed for $90 but I found for $15, I could not only sell them but I could actually make a profit!

There are so many of these Ebay stores and they are all selling, I saw bids on almost everything I looked up, even the low end stuff. The two giant bins I had in the closet would surely reap a profit and give me some much needed closet space. I sorted the items by size, and vowed to get to work in a few days. Those days had a nasty habit of turning into weeks and months, before I knew it K had started kindergarten. OK, I never got around to doing this but now I could add to my bounty and went through the ritual of purging, piles for donating, friends and of course the Ebay bins. This time I was really going to do it!! I resorted and added a bin for shoes and accessories. Not only was I going to sell this stuff but I was going to have my own Ebay store. I was going to do this in a few weeks when I had some free days to commit to this project.

Well those days never came and once again a whole year went by. When K started first grade this year I was once again committed to my Ebay project which by then had become a nasty thorn in my side. I was going to do it this time but not because I wanted to but because it had become a joke that I didn't find funny. This year K's closet was literally overflowing. Most of the clothing I had pre-bought years ago had been worn and was ready to go, she also received clothing for her birthday and the holidays the year before that she didn't want to wear anymore. Modeling brought even more clothing and all of that needed to be hung up and put away, but before I could do that I needed to do the yearly purge. This was impossible because the old bins were all full and we have no room for more. This past weekend K did a shoot for one of our favorite labels, Tralala and was generously paid with a ton of clothing, it's sitting in her room right now, waiting to enter the closet.

So once again (for the tenth time) I am making my plan to get this stuff out my door. The easy thing would be just to give it away but that would do nothing to cure my horrible case of Scarlett O'Haraitis.

I have turned a simple project into a monumental undertaking. I have once again turned another molehill into a giant yet stunningly beautiful mountain. I'm going to do it this time, really. I actually don't have a choice in this anymore, I can no longer find anything in K's room.

Tomorrow I will assess the bin situation and figure out an effective way to get through this, I may once again need to make a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy more, oh I hate to say it, bins. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, once I empty these bins they can then be used for storage of the dolls and toys that are lost somewhere in the vast wasteland we call K's closet. I will have to do the bulk of this next week, the next few days are, of course, full of activities.

I will get through this, I have to, writing about it means it's out there and I can no longer hide from it. Besides, I know that once D reads this the jokes and comments will be flying, giving me even more incentive to finish this. How great will it be to cross something off my list, something that's been on it for years.

Now I just need a name. How about Scarlett O'Glamour? Garments With the Wind?

I welcome suggestions, clearly they are needed.


  1. How about "Rhett's Discards"? Because frankly my dear, he don't give a damn. LOL. I'm so cheesy. Sorry.

    You can do this, M! I just read about this female photographer who made it BIG with her photography by buying her kids' clothes at a steal. Dressing them up in it, taking their photographs, putting them up on eBay to sell the clothes but it was her photographs that people wanted! She quit her day job (oh, how I envy her) and became a full-time photographer! Her name is Jodi Friedman. I subscribe to the Shootsac newsletter since I own one and Jessica Claire interviews her. I'll remember to forward it to you.

  2. I need to look her up. I just filled 2 more giant bins of clothes and that doesn't include the pile going to Goodwill. I may have to move to facilitate this undertaking. Maybe I should buy a light kit with the money I'm going to make :P